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Crystallized Tri-plate White Transgender Flag

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The colors on this chip, like the flag, are symmetrical. No matter which way you look at this, it will always be correct, and that was explicitly made to signify correctness in our lives. There are pink and blue to represent traditional colors usually assigned to gender at birth, while white stands in the middle to represent the neutrality of both or an undefined gender.

This commemorative sobriety medallion has a beautiful glossy finish, entirely hand-painted, white on the front, and white on the back, with the circle and triangle AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) symbol on both sides in embossed 14k gold-plated brass. It features a handcrafted (see below) genuine crystal triangle/flag on the front, inside the AA symbol triangle, and a single diamond genuine crystal on the back at the center of the chip.

Choose your time stamp from 1-40 years (in Roman numerals, 14k gold-plated brass).