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Crystallized Tri-plate White Genderqueer Flag

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Lavender has been a theme color for “queerness,” including gay, lesbian, and bisexual communities, for a long time. White is represented as the neutral color to any flag and is no different here, which is why it’s centered in the flag position. The Dark green, or chartreuse, is the inverse of lavender and is meant to represent those who are defined outside of and without reference to the binary.

This commemorative sobriety medallion has a beautiful glossy finish, entirely hand-painted, white on the front, and white on the back, with the circle and triangle AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) symbol on both sides in embossed 14k gold-plated brass. It features a handcrafted (see below) genuine crystal triangle/flag on the front, inside the AA symbol triangle, and a single diamond genuine crystal on the back at the center of the chip.

Choose your time stamp from 1-40 years (in Roman numerals, 14k gold-plated brass).